Filing Period for Elected Offices

The filing period for elected office in Chelan County is May 17th at 9:00 AM to May 21st at 4:00 PM. You can file with the Chelan County Auditor at this web page:

See what offices are open for election this November here:

Requirements to file online

*  Be registered to vote in the district for which you are filing

*  Pay with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express

*  Provide a valid email address

*  Submit by 4:00pm on Friday

File by mail (beginning May 3rd) or in person (beginning May 17th)

*  Candidate filing forms to file by mail or in person

*  Pay with check or cash

*  Submit a filing fee petition

*  Submit by 5:00pm on Friday

All of these are important offices. Please get involved and be part of the solution!!!